Gabriel Colombo


Hey there, I'm Gabriel! I build digital experiences for a living.

I graduated in Technology in Internet Systems, went on a exchange program on Web and Multimedia @ Teesside University.

On my free time I like playing guitar, reading and writing articles for a couple blogs about something cool that I'm studying at the time or my personal experiences in the tech industry. Check this one out — Simplicity is Overrated

I also like learning new languages and giving tech talks on weekends for whoever wants to learn something cool.

Why Spotify?

Well, I've been a musician for more than a decade. I listen to music basically all day everyday and Spotify is my go-to service to do that. Because of this I have sort of a personal connection with it, always tweaking my playlists and looking for something new.

I'd be very happy to contribute in any way in order to make it even better.

So here I am!

PS: This is a work in progress, please bare with me


  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Sass
  • JS / jQuery / Vue / Angular / RxJS / Ember
  • PHP / Laravel / Node
  • MySQL / NoSQL
  • Gulp / Webpack

What I've done

2017 — Now


Technology Task Frequency
HTML5 / SASS Design and maintenance of the application's visual appearance
jQuery / Ember.js Components and interactions for single-page applications
Mocha / Chai Unit and integration testing
Ember CLI Creation of the base structures and management of our projects
UX Team Research and definition of the overall experience of our products
JSP Front-end development on legacy projects
2015 — 2017


Technology Task Frequency
HTML5 / CSS3 Design and maintenance of the application's visual appearance
jQuery / Vue.js / RxJS User interactions and communication with the server
Mocha / Chai Unit testing
PHP / MySQL Back-end development using Laravel
Illustrator Creation of visual assets for the application
Photoshop Creation of visual resources for the company.


Technology Task Frequency
HTML5 / CSS3 Implementation of the application's layout
jQuery User interactions and server communication
PHP / MySQL Back-end development

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